We design and print a wide range of products.  Below you will find a list of our most popular items, but our work aren’t limited to these items.  In fact, we can design anything you have in mind.

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Three (3) edits or changes to the design before it is sent to print.

Delivery in two (2) week’s time, provided design was approved and paid for in time.

Free delivery of final printed product.


Flyers are considered old-fashioned in this digital age. While many are lured by modern marketing techniques, effective marketing is a marriage of both the modern and traditional. Flyer marketing is tried and tested, and will never become obsolete as long as paper is still part of our daily lives. The key is to keep using new and creative ideas on what is otherwise an underappreciated marketing tool.
The beauty of flyer advertising is you can deliver your message right to your potential customer’s door or hand it to them directly.
Flyers are significantly cheaper to produce and distribute compared to other forms of marketing and advertising.
There is no limit to how creative you can get with your leaflet’s design, message and layout.
Flyers may be old-fashioned but they are also changing with the times. Keep your leaflets fresh and interesting and continue reaping the benefits of leaflet advertising.

Business Cards

A business card is a road map to opportunity. It could lead you to a great new job, a great business partnership, or simply help your business make money. Think of a situation where you’ve got your networking pants on and you’re looking to benefit your business by making contacts. Suddenly, you notice someone that could be a potential client. What do you do? You introduce yourself and describe what you do, but at some point, you’ll need to hand off your contact information. A business card saves you time and makes you look professional. You’re not fumbling around with a pen to scribble your e-mail address on a cocktail napkin, and you also give them a sense that this isn’t your first rodeo.
Not only is your first impression important, but business cards provide tangible information for others. The littles things we do send out the biggest messages.


Posters provide a logical and cost-effective way of communicating to a particular target market. When placed correctly, attractive posters can lure nearby people into a specific event and alert them of an upcoming product or service. Posters have the ability to stick in viewers’ minds and can be a great tool for small-to-medium-sized businesses to use to increase brand awareness. Posters are cheaper than common forms of advertising such as print, radio and television.
People who are viewing posters are already actively engaging in their surroundings. Whether they are standing at a bus stop or lining up at the local nightclub, people are likely to notice posters out of sheer boredom. A clever poster will have a call-to-action phrase that propels the viewer to take action as soon as possible. This could be in the form of making a phone call, visiting a shop or navigating to a website.

Fridge Calendars

Promotional fridge calendars are one of the most effective, yet inexpensive, forms of service and product promotion in South Africa. They are a great way to reinforce “top of mind brand awareness” and can be used to market your business long after the initial cost of printing the fridge calendar has been covered. In fact, there is currently no other printed low cost advertising medium in South Africa that allows your company or products to be marketed to your target market every day of the year.

Folded Leaflets

Folded leaflets can fit just about any place, inside newspapers and magazines, in women’s purses and wallets, and of course in pockets. People can quickly glance at a leaflet and skim through it, which will hopefully immediately grab their attention and generate an interest in your business. They can be easily passed on to others who might be interested as well, either purposely, or through magazines, newspapers, etc. Since they are so handy, it’s easier to distribute this form of advertisement to your target group, hopefully increasing the sales of your business in the process.


A booklet is a printed publication, usually containing 8 to 60 pages. Booklets can be used by businesses in virtually any field. They can be considered a part of a marketing strategy, but can also tell a story on their own. Either way, booklets have proven to be very effective in sending out your message.
What is the best thing about booklets that sets them apart from other types of printed material or digital advertising tools? The format provides you with just enough space to communicate exactly what you intend to without overwhelming the reader.
Booklets can contain all kinds of information. Businesses can include information about the company and the products or services they provide using as much detail as necessary. Booklets also include images and photos to help better illustrate the goals of the company and its products or services.

Pull-Up Banners

Highly visible, pull-up banners are often used for presentations, trade shows, exhibitions, and at shopping malls. Placing the roll-up stand just outside a retail store will help to attract attention when having a sale or a special promotion. The same principle applies at a trade show or exhibition.
Pull-up banners have become the most popular display stands at trade shows because there are no additional labour required to set them up. It is also more economical to use a roll-up than for instance, a wall unit. The most effective displays are those set-up at eye level and with roll-ups you can attain just that.
One of the most important features of pull-up banners are their portability allowing for ease of movement when open and for carrying when closed.

Other Products

We also design birthday cards, logo’s, wedding invitations, menu’s and just about anything you need printed.

Design Only Rates

Two (2) edits allowed.
Design only, no printing.
Prices quoted are per design per side of page.

Terms and Conditions

We require payment upfront. Fifty (50)% on start of project and remainder before printing.
Own designs may be supplied if usable.
No changes will be made after client has approved final design.
No refund will be given after final approval by client.
In the event of client cancelling order, client will be liable for the work already done and will be billed accordingly.
Prices may change without prior notice.

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